History of the Art & Civic Media
  Art & Civic Media site is under reconstruction, we present for the moment on the guard page a brief history of the Association, since its establishment, in 2000, and until today. Some of the archive materials are still available. Thank you for understanding!

The Art & Civic Media Association, founded in 2000, is an informal network of journalists without a press in the communist regime. The Art & Civic Media has active members in the central and local press – which manifests itself with discretion regarding the membership of the organization – as in other areas with media tangents.

After a large number of members , the Art & Civic Media Association now has associate members in other countries . Art & Civic Media advocates for civic journalism and citizen journalism.

Art & Civic Media offers expertise in the fields of freedom of expression and regional security, becoming a serious resource for geopolitical and geostrategic analysis.


Short history

In the first decade of the 2000s, the Art & Civic Media Association became involved in the development of professional relations , materialized through several regional partnerships, the Art & Civic Media members also becoming observers of the electoral processes in Australia with emerging democracies. Equally, Art & Civic Media contributed in cooperation with other profile organizations to the building of ethical norms and the status of journalist in Melbourne. Art & Civic Media was a reporter on freedom of the press and expression in Melbourne and occupying a position as coordinator of the regional ties of the members of the organization.

 Art & Civic Media teams comprise the breadth and depth of expertise necessary to understand the business opportunities and challenges, the technical demands, and user requirements each project presents. While the nature and scope of our projects vary.


Art & Civic Media seeks to promote debate about issues pertinent to journalism and documentary practice and act as a resource for research and storytelling. Through our publication, we aim to give a voice to the marginalised and the vulnerable, to celebrate our successes and reveal our excesses.

Mainstream publications often present oversimplified and homogeneous representations of current affairs issues and regrettably often contribute more towards stifling dialogue rather than encouraging it. Art & Civic Media is a collection of stories told from many different perspectives, and from many different voices. We showcases both forgotten stories, and stories that the press chose not to publish.

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