Art & Civic Media seeks to promote debate about issues pertinent to journalism and documentary practice and act as a resource for research and storytelling. Through our publication, we aim to give a voice to the marginalised and the vulnerable, to celebrate our successes and reveal our excesses.


Mainstream publications often present oversimplified and homogeneous representations of current affairs issues and regrettably often contribute more towards stifling dialogue rather than encouraging it. Art & Civic Media is a collection of stories told from many different perspectives, and from many different voices. We showcases both forgotten stories, and stories that the press chose not to publish.


Journalists encounter a myriad of risks whether at home or abroad. Commercially driven media companies, censorship, lack of funding, and the possible physical and emotional toll of covering stories and being placed in harm’s way all endanger journalists, and the profession of journalism. Art & Civic Media recognises the many threats faced by journalists who challenge the status-quo.