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Why social media advertising is important?

Statistics indicate that businesses that utilize social media advertising are estimated to grow much faster than businesses that don’t. As such, it comes as no surprise as to why more and more people are leveraging the power of social media advertising to grow their company and increase their revenues. However, some businesses and individuals remain apprehensive about the concept of advertising through social media. In this article, we take a look at some of the most important reasons why every company should consider social media advertising as a part of their marketing portfolio.

Running an ad campaign for any given social media site is an excellent way to reach and connect with potential customers, according to social media marketing Melbourne. After you create and publish an ad, businesses are able to target the exact type of consumers that they wish to acquire. Besides being highly targeted, the expenses associated with running social media ads are more cost-effective than traditional forms of advertising such as TV commercials and radio ads. In fact, most platforms charge as little as a few cents or dollars for each click that your ad receives. When you compare this to traditional advertising, one can see that social media ads are easier to manage and scale, even for those with very tight budgets.

Most people expect a business to have a website and a social presence. In fact, people do not trust companies that do that have a social media presence. The reason being is that users love to check on the reviews other users have made as well as to get a more in-depth look into the operations and personality of the company. Social media ads give businesses the opportunity to connect with potential consumers. Many companies have utilized social ads to provide special offers and bestow that help to provide a positive customer experience which leads to loyalty.

Statistics Speak For Themselves
There’s a reason why virtually every fortune 500 company leverages the power of social media advertising. The number speaks for themselves. Statistics demonstrate that social media networks account for the largest source of inspiration for people who purchase products. In fact, 37% of users proclaim that social media influenced their decision in purchasing a product or service. Additionally, statistics indicate that 50% of Gen Z and 43% of millennials view social media as being the most trustworthy place to rely on when it comes to buying products. In addition to that, 34% of people across the world use social media to get promotional offers and discounts and a whopping 16% will interact with ads that are relevant to them.

Brand Awareness
Advertising on a social network will give you the opportunity to reach a vast amount of people. And, the best thing about it is that you will be able to target people that live within close proximity of your business. Certain networks such as Facebook, give business owners the opportunity to pay per impression as opposed to paying for each click an ad receives. This can be especially useful when it comes to graining a massive amount of brand awareness in a short amount of time.